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Cb-artist-avatarCb Miles is an award-winning interior designer, artist and writer who's passions include modernism, low-carb cooking, soccer and the promotion of tobacco harm reduction. 

Originally from Manchester, England, all of Cb's cutting edge designs have been acclaimed for their originality, keen sense of humor and universal appeal.

In addition to his interior design work, Cb contributes to Cloud NineBest E-Cigarette Guide, and E-Cigarette News as a graphic artist and writer.


Hillary Miles has enjoyed a long career as a performer, artist, writer and television producer for major TV Networks including TBS, TNT, TCM, CNN, The Food Network and HGTV.

She is now an editor and contributor to several websites that promote health and well-being including Cloud NineBest E-Cigarette GuideE-Cigarette News, and SavvyExaminer.com


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