Vaper Girl and Vaper Guy T-Shirt Designs for the E-Cigarette Community

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Vaper Girl Vaper Guy electric logos for tshirts on vaper design studio

Tshirts and accessories available with the colorful “electric” logo too!

 Vaper Girl Hero and Vaper Guy Hero Design T-Shirts

Our Vaper Girl Hero and Vaper Guy Hero T-Shirts honor those who support e-cigarettes, tobacco harm reduction and all that smart stuff.

The E-Cigarette community is growing at an alarming rate. Alarming only to the anti-ecig camp, but not to savvy vapers who have discovered the awesome benefits of e-cigarettes. 

If you’re a vaper, (and if you’re here, you probably are), we also know you’re very cool; in fact, you’re our hero, creating e-cigarette awareness and as the t-shirt says, “saving the planet one ecig at a time”.

Vaper Girl and Vaper Guy Tshirts from Vaper Design Studio

We created our Vaper Girl and Vaper Guy tees in lots of colors as well as black and white. You can also get them in many t-shirt styles including organic cotton, v-neck and maternity styles. We even have underwear, pajamas, caps, mugs, phone cases and other accessories that sport the Hero Logo. All the logos show above are also available in the colorful “electric” logo (shown at the top of this page). 

Our vaper t-shirts and accessories are sold on our secure Cafepress page which can be reached by clicking on any t-shirt image. Have a vaping shop? We sell wholesale too 🙂

Strut your stuff and happy vaping!

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